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Epicworks Video Production Equipment


Camera Dollies and Flexible and Straight Dolly Track

The EpicWorks B360 Camera Dolly System is the most versatile camera dolly available. Some of the optional equipment for use with our dolly system are FlexTrax Flexible Dolly Track, Second Seat, Umbrella, Grip Head Kit and Monopod Light Pole. With the Monopod Light Pole attached, you can add lights and a boompole that will move with you during tracking shots. Add a Grip Head Kit to that and you can have reflectors and screens that move with you too. The Second Seat option provides a seat on the dolly for a focus puller or assistant. If you’re shooting in the sun, add the Umbrella option to your dolly. The B360 Camera Dolly System should be your choice when you have a smaller crew and limited budget but still want professional results.

Epicworks Marine Products


Flag and Marker Buoys and Race Course Layout Kits

EpicWorks has created a unique system for overcoming buoy drift due to tidal changes, high winds and wave action. Our buoy system ensures that our Regatta Buoys and Marker Buoys stay put through the use of pulleys and counterweights that apply constant tension on anchor lines. Our buoys make ideal race course buoys, regatta buoys, lane markers, course markers, flag buoys, slalom course buoys, dragon boat race buoys, sailing regatta buoys, kayak race buoys, canoe race markers and outrigger race course markers.

Laying out start and finish lines for races and regattas is a snap with our Layout Kit. It deploys easily and quickly and you don’t need any extra equipment or previous experience.