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Flag and Marker Buoys and Race Course Layout Kits

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Our Regatta and Marker Buoys Stay Put

flags-finish-line-01Our unique counterweight and pulley system holds our buoys in place regardless of tidal changes, high wind or wave action. The system applies constant pressure to hold the buoys in place while allowing them to freely ride up and down with changes in sea level. Our Regatta Buoys and Marker Buoys are perfect for dragon boat, sailboat, canoe, kayak, SUP and outrigger canoe races to mark start/finish lines, slalom courses, mid-course distances and long distance courses.

Easily Lay Out Race Courses

Use our Layout Kit to easily and quickly lay out start and finish lines for regattas and races. Our system of buoys and layout kits is lightweight and compact enough to be deployed with a small power boat or even a dragonboat.