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Marker Buoy


Marker Buoy

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Marker Buoys are great for marking lanes, long distance courses, mid-points, boundaries and slalom courses. Use the Marker Buoys with the Layout Kit to quickly and easily lay out lanes for your race course. It’s a very easy system to use, just add your own anchor and follow the simple deployment instructions.

We recommend using a 15 lb. anchor with each Marker Buoy. A less expensive option is to purchase our Anchor Jugs and fill them with cement.

*Anchor not included.

Unique tensioning system on the anchor line maintains buoy position in all conditions.
ph-square-reel-2015-07-20Includes 30’ of anchor line, good for up to 20’ deep water. Contact us if you need longer anchor lines.
ph-detail-marker-buoyIncludes one 11″ marker buoy. Contact us for price and availability of larger buoys.
Includes one Inflation Adapter for use with any standard bicycle or air pump. Inflate the marker buoys to approximately 2 psi.

Each Marker Buoy includes:

One 11″ heavy duty marker buoy, counterweight system, quick release TwistLok, and 30′ of anchor line on reel.

Layout is easy using the Epicworks Layout Kit.


Marker Buoy – Red 

Price: $129.00

Marker Buoy White 

Price: $129.00

Anchor Jug  

Price: $1.50