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B360 Camera Dolly System

B360 Camera Dolly System

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The B360 Camera Dolly System is a versatile platform that will support up to 450 lbs. of gear including camera operators, jib cranes, lights, microphones and many other accessories. Included with every B360 Dolly is all the hardware needed for adding our optional Monopod and Grip Head KitSecond Seat Kit, and Umbrella.  B360 Dollies have full swivel wheels for use on straight and curved track at the industry standard 24 1/2″ width and provide a smooth, jitter free ride.  Each B360 Camera Dolly System comes with one Seat Kit, a Manfrotto Tripod Spreader, additional pipe sockets for optional equipment, padded push bar, easy carry handle, safety grip decking and a 30” duffle bag to tote everything.

B360 Camera Dolly

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Wt. 52 lbs. Box 36”x30”x8”

16 Wheels

B360 Dollies are easy to carry and compact enough to fit in the trunk of most cars yet large and heavy enough at 30” wide x 36” long and 38 lbs. to provide a stable base for larger cameras and jib cranes.

Manfrotto Tripod Spreaders on B360 Dollies have universal tie down straps that work with almost all types of tripods and a center ring for securing mini tripods for low angle shots.

Seat Kits have 3 height settings for shooting low angle and over the shoulder seated and standing shots.

B360 Optional Equipment

If you need a focus puller, on board sound person or assistant, simply add a Second Seat Kit your B360 Dolly.

For those long outdoor shoots on hot, sunny days, drop in an Umbrella to provide shade and 100% UV protection for your camera operator.

Add a Monopod for work in spaces too tight for light stands and to move lights and other gear along during tracking shots.  Reduce the number of crew needed by adding a Grip Head Kit to your Monopod.

The Grip Head Kit includes a grip head, boom pole holder and extension arm.