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Epicworks B360 Camera Dolly System, FlexTrax flexible dolly track, Monopod light pole and grip head kit.

B360 Camera Dolly System

The B360 Camera Dolly System sets up and knocks down in seconds, has a carry handle for easy transport and fits in the back of an SUV or the trunk of most cars.  Attach an optional Second Seat Kit to a B360 dolly for a ride along focus puller or sound person.  Slide in an optional Umbrella  for instant shade with 100% UV protection. Drop a light or a boompole on a Monopod instead of  bulky C stands and move them with you as you dolly or track. Add a Grip Head Kit to your Monopod and hold boompoles, reflectors, additional lights and other gear without the need for additional crew members.


Lay out FlexTrax in any shape you want to get the shot you need.  FlexTrax is a 1 1/8″ diameter by 36′ long flexible dolly track that only weighs 15 lbs. but is strong enough to support the weight of a ride along camera operator and assistant.

Reliable Gear for Professionals

All our gear is designed with the professional in mind with great looks, performance, flexibility and durability built into every piece of equipment.  We guarantee the workmanship on our equipment to be free from defect for a period of 90 days after date of purchase and will repair or replace any defective part within that time if the equipment is used under normal working conditions.